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Belt Conveying for Train Loadout

The plant comprises stockpile reclaim system, sample plant, elevating conveyor, train load out bin and gate.

Crushed coal will be hauled to the train load out facility and stacked on the dump pad. From this point, coal will be pushed into the feeder hopper and conveyed to a 250 tonne bin over the rail. A proprietary train load out gate has been used to load coal trains. It has been decided to use a manned, volumetric train load out system.

The design train-loading rate is 2,800 tph. An average of 1.6 trains per day is envisaged at full production. Maximum train loading time is 1.8 hours.

The elevating conveyor is envisaged to be a 1600 wide 35 degree three roll trough conveyor travelling at 4.3 m/second.

The capacity of the train load-out bin is set at 250 tonnes.  Because no hard data is available on the coal properties, a 1500x1500 train loading gate has been used in order to reduce the incidence of arching. The bottom section of the cone is to be constructed from 3Cr12 in order to provide a lower coefficient of friction, and hence promote flow.

A backhoe arm has been incorporated as a wagon overload removal device. A self-contained prefabricated control room and MCC room is

Dust suppression has been provided at the two transfer points at the top of the bin and the tail end of the elevating conveyor.

A belt weigher on the elevating conveyor has been installed.


Item Qty Units
Anticipated mine Life 12 years
Train loading facility guaranteed tonnage rate 2800 tonnes/hour
Anticipated annual tonnage 2,500,000 tonnes/annum
Operating days per annum 365 days
Hours per train load 1-2 hours
Average train loads per day 2 ea
Maximum train loads per day 3 ea
minimum train loads per day 0 ea


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